Introduction to Science Concepts


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Publication Year: 2018



Introduction to Science Concepts is the beginner level eBook for understanding of General Science concepts. It covers topics that are taught in the school from classes VI to VIII. This eBook is perfect for revising basic Science concepts and get a start for exploring the subject.

The eBook is divided into 4 parts and 51 chapters.

Part I: Biology

01: Introduction to Food
02: Components of Food
03: Nutrition in Plants
04: Nutrition in Animals
05: Introduction to Plants
06: Body and Movements
07: Living Organisms
08: Adaptations of Animals to Climate
09: Microorganisms
10: Respiration in Organisms
11: Transportation in Animals and Plants
12: Reproduction in Plants
13: Reproduction in Animals
14: Cell Structure and Functions
15: Adolescence

Part II: Physics

16: Motion and Distance
17: Motion and Time
18: Force and Pressure
19: Friction
20: Introduction to Light
21: Light – Mirrors and Lenses
22: Light – Reflection
23: Electricity and Circuits
24: Fun with Magnets
25: Electric Current and its Effects
26: Chemical Effects of Electric Current
27: Sound

Part III: Chemistry

28: Fibres from Plants
29: Fibres from Animals
30: Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
31: Sorting Materials into Groups
32: Separation of Substances
33: Metals and Non-Metals
34: Changes Around Us
35: Physical and Chemical Changes
36: Combustion and Flame
37: Heat
38: Acids, Bases and Salts

Part IV: Environment

39: Water
40: Water Resource
41: Waste Water
42: Air
43: Pollution of Air and Water
44: Garbage
45: Soil
46: Forests
47: Conservation of Plants and Animals
48: Crop Production and Management
49: Coal and Petroleum
50: Some Natural Phenomena
51: Stars and Solar System